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Magnetic Poetry Kit, Erotic Edition – 1 ea

Magnetic Poetry Kit, Erotic Edition - 1 ea

Magnetic Poetry Kit, Erotic Edition - 1 ea Rating:
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Product Description

Reveal creative parts of yourself you never knew existed.
400 words and word fragments for literally billions of poetic possibilities.

  • Startling Insights And Addictive Fun.
  • Includes Idea-Packed Poetry Guide.

Careful, These Words Will Burn Your Fingers
They say the mind is the body's biggest erogenous zone, and that words are a powerful aphrodisiac...if so, get ready to get busy by the fridge door!  This is the hottest poetry kit in our line and like other spicy things in the kitchen, it's not for the faint of heart.  A box of words that are extremely and exquisitely naughty.

Welcome to the World of Magnetic Poetry®
Inside the box are hundreds of carefully selected magnetic word tiles ready to install on your fridge or any steel surface.  Poetry will almost magically emerge as you arrange the words into phrases, with results ranging from the bizarre to the profound.

Loved by all, from published poets to those who have never written a word, this Magnetic Poetry Kit is sure to provide many hours of silent musing, earnest discussion and riotous laughter!

Magnetic Poetry ~ Better Poetry Through Refrigeration.


  • This item can not be returned to Amazon.com; contact the manufacturer for service or replacement requests

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